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Quality System

ISO9001:ISO Quality Management System

In September of 2004, the company successfully obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system via ZAZH, include development, production and service of zinc-manganese series and alkaline zinc- manganese series of batteries. Technology oriented and enterprise management-based, the company is actively bringing in same industry or related talents,  emphasizing and training talents, constantly to improve and enhance production technology and quality management of the company. Through efficient quality management system, it makes sure the battery quality meet the requirements of the customers. Implementing brand strategy, it makes the product quality and service quality of the company in the same industry leading position.

Quality Management System:
The company established the quality management system and business management system, led by the general manager, implementing unity of direction and hierarchy of responsibility. Administrators responsible for the specific quality management work; Technology department is responsible for the new product development and new material experiment; Quality supervision department is responsible for raw materials’ purchase, process quality control and products’ final inspection; Production department is responsible for the production site management.

Measurement System

Inspection Items:

Quality insurance and control, producing procedure control, operation and management measurement,energy & material measurement, producing safety and environmental supervision measurement.

Pursuant documents :
Stick to the affirmance method for improvement of the enterprises' measurement testing system by the National Technology Supervision Bureau, measurement assurance system required by the GB/T19022.1, enterprises measurement managing manual, measurement managing program documents and relative technical standard, standardization documents.On July 9, 2004, our company was awarded the. In 2010, we passed the audit of Measurement Assurance System Level 2. so set a base for free inspection goods and China well-known trademark countercheck. Our company became the first enterprise passing the level 2-measurement assurance system authentication among enterprises of Guangzhou Light Industry System.