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1.The Chinese Well-known Brand "TIGER HEAD BRAND"

"Tiger Head Brand Battery, the Giant in the international battery market"
The international battery market is like rising wind and scudding clouds, lots of brands emerge in endlessly. Usually one brand disappeared then another appears. Each brand just remains excellently for 3 or 5 years. only the Tiger Head Brand Battery has been competing with the other international famous battery brands for several decades, and has become a giant in the international battery market. The Tiger Head Spirit "strive while facing the strong competitor, never give up" leads Tiger Head Group to a top level.
The first Chinese well-known trademark in Guangzhou
The emphatically supported exporting brand by Chinese Ministry of Commerce

2. The Chinese Well-known Products: "555" Brand Alkaline Battery

Thanks to the tradition of keeping improving and meticulosity, after several decades of exploration, we innovated and met the market requirements with the quality and the environment protection standard. We are manufacturing batteries with high efficiency, low energy expenditure, environment protecting and excellent quality. We presented "the Chinese Battery" perfectly. Today 555 Brand Battery shows us:
Chinese Famous Brand
National Inspection-Free Products
Famous Trademark by provincial and civic government, etc.

3. The Asian Tiger: TIHAD

TIHAD is the abbreviation of the Chinese Well-known Brand "Tiger Head" owned by Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd. It is the embodiment of the inheritance and development of our brand. It is also the natural extension of the Tiger Head Spirit.
"Ya zhou zhi Hu" is its Chinese translation, it composes a united series with Tiger Head. It shows the continuity of our brands. The creation of TIHAD brand transferred a piece of information to the public: Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd is on the way to become an all ranged export-oriented general group.


Lighting battery, the newly patented product presented by Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd., has been awarded Red Dot Design Award 2009 & the Global Golden Prize of the 20th Japan Koizumi International Design Competition.
Besides traditional battery functions, lighting batteries are suitable for entertainment, out-door activities & emergent illumination.