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Recent years, the company takes the business strategy of “Industry-Commerce Combination, Increase Commerce”, developing the economy of head quarter and constructing the energy saving industrial park. Insisting” science and technology is the primary productive force”, promoting “Harmony and Endeavour” spirit of tiger head people, around ” Three Enhancements, One Improvements”, the company takes a good advantage of self subjective initiative and technical advantage, accelerating the speed of technology innovation and developing enterprise in spirit of innovation,

The most advanced product line of mercury free alkaline zinc-manganese battery in the world.
It can provide our consumers with high-powered and environment protecting batteries. We adopt special anti-blast configuration, new materials, new prescriptions, new crafts and special sealing technology. So we manufacture mercury free and pollution free batteries 5 years in advance than the national requirements.

The initial workshop on-line real time monitor system among the craft brothers.
The system was designed and developed by our own technology engineers. The technology engineers also be responsible for its actualization and management. The system integrates optics, machinery, electrics, IT technology and quality data analysis technology. The system can collect the real time data such as the output, quality and equipments of the workshop, then store them to the database. According to its data analysis function and industry control chart analysis, all the administration departments can predominate the instances of the workshop, make evaluation and continuous improvement. Then the company can effectively improve the management level and the battery quality. Hence we can improve the competitive ability of our products. The developing Tiger Head Group is promoting information technology to bring along industrialization. And we try to lead our management to a more scientific way.

C10-2 R20 Paper Jacket Battery Feeding System.

The feeding and packing system is independently developed to reduce the worker¡¯s labor intensity and realize the share of resources. The system can be controlled by the PLC program and touch screen. It adopts optic-electric switch and approach switch to monitor, alarm and reject the inferiors automatically. The non motivity feeding slot in it solved the problem of the upright transport among different layers. It can feed the batteries automatically to different packing positions. The system reduced 26 people¡¯s labor in several working procedures like the shrink packing, turning over the plates, pile, hauling salvers for the R20 batteries. The fixation management of the workshop was further improved. And the workers' labor intensity was reduced a lot.

We take the lead in using computer controlled battery discharge automatic test equipment
among the craft brothers in China. So we carry out very strict standard to monitor the quality of our products.

The computer network which covers the whole company.
All the branches can communicate with the headquarters at any time by the network. In our company, computers have already soaked into the daily office work of the staff. Information technology has permeated through all the aspects of the enterprise¡¯s operation. It is powerful support for the enterprise's rapid development.

The initial R6 Product Line with Double Flow Ways in China. It reduces a lot of labor and increases much productivity.

R03 Bump Solder Machine is independently developed by our company. It is a special equipment used in manufacturing alkaline battery. The machine replaced the handwork in the workshop. All the parts of the machine runs well. The raw materials can be fed into the machine smoothly. The machine can go to the point by rule and line. It is high automatic and can be maintained and adjusted conveniently. It is located at the leading position in China. And it is ho nored as "No. 3 of Guangzhou Science and Technology Prize" in 2003.

"The Research and Application for the Key Materials of Mercury-Free Alkaline Zinc-Manganese Battery".
The dissertation is a cooperating item by our company and South China Normal University. It is honored as "No. 2 of Guangdong Science and Technology Fruit Prize" in 2004.

Automatic Box Packing Machine for R20 Battery.

Our company developed the machine in order to change the situation that batteries were packed into box by hand. The machine adopted advanced mechanical driving organs and PLC electro nic controlling system. It is equipped with touch screen. It can complete all the steps including the battery entering, feeding, locating and the box molding. The machine also reduced much labor intensity. It is the base of all the batteries are packed automatically in future.