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ABS Case, Long life, Super cranking performance, Temperature adaptability

Type: Sealed Maintenance-Free

Brand: Tiger Head / 555

Voltage: 12V

Usage: Motorcycle, Scooter

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    1.Sealed Maintenance-free Lead acid Motorcycle battery

    2.Oxygen recombination technology, Maintenance-free

    3.Excellent Anti-shack performance, long-lifespan

    4.Temperature adaptability, low internal resistance, Super cranking performance.

    5.The reliable safety valve can prevent outside air and dust from entering the battery inside

    6.Strong water regeneration capacity, high sealing efficiency, Maintenance-Free

    7.Safe and easy to use and transport.

    8.Can be safely and safely used at -30 °C ~ 50 °C

    9.Long service life and the extremely low maintenance cost ensure that the user gets the most economical product.