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Plastic Cover

Custom-made, in a variety of colors


The ionic medium between the positive and negative electrodes of dry cell.

The thickness of D size and C size battery covers should be 0.7~0.8mm, and thickness of any position should not be lower than 0.68mm.

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    Inspecting Item Technical Norm
    External Diameter 29.6±0.1mm
    Total Height 3.8±0.1mm
    Mesopore Diameter 8.7±0.1mm
    Appearance The following appearance defects are not allowed:
    ①The round surface of battery plastic cover is incomplete;
    ②The afflux mouth is cracked, burred or twisted.
    Color Colors of the same batch should be close to the color codes of sealed samples.
    Bump Diameter Strictly meeting the requirments of the picture sizes of battery plastic covers of every model